Interested in seeing what Digital One can do?

mark_digital-one.pngBuilt specifically for short run work, Mark Andy Digital One makes digital printing more accessible to label converters and commercial printers.

What to expect:

In a Mark Andy virtual demo, you can expect the same degree of service as an in-person print demonstration. Our production specialists will walk through the press, from unwind to rewind, showing you everything Digital One is capable of. Added bonus: submit custom files and have your own work the center of the demonstration.

What you will recieve:

  • A personalized press demo, with real jobs that mean something to your business. We even send you the output after.
  • Complete and candid Q&A session. Everything you need to know about Digital One answered in on sitting.
  • Sample ROI analysis. Learn what your jobs will really cost on Digital One. (Spolier alert: everything is affordable!)
  • Complete validation that Digital One is the one you have been waiting for.

What converters are saying:

"Mark Andy had a good name in the realm of flexo, making it logical for us to take a leap into digital with the company that helped us get our bearings 30 years ago.

"With Digital One, overtime is non-existent, sales are up and plate spend is down 18%"

"Finally, a digital label press that makes sense."